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How do I deter my puppy from digging up everythink I plant?

by aklarkins

How do I deter my puppy from digging up everythink I plant?



The good thing about puppies is they grow up and usually stop digging everything up - so now let's hope your garden survives until then! You might want to consider a kennel or an X-Pen outside for the times you can't be with your puppy, but when you are outside with him/her be sure to keep his/her attention focused on anything but digging: treats, games, ball, fun-fun-fun. Distractions will work!
TheGardenFriend commented on 03/16/12
I have a 6 month old french bulldog, and he's tried to venture into my garden beds and dig... I've been telling him (firmly) no, while giving him an appropriate chew toy or ball to play with... After about a month, it seems to be paying off. But, the other rule of thumb with puppies is that they just can't be left unattended for too long! If they're out of site for a while, the puppy is probably menacing something! Good luck...
chief cultivator commented on 05/24/10
Darn it! For your own peace of mind you may want to consider a fence. You want to be careful if he eats anything that might not be so good for him. I have 2 dogs, one is 110 lbs. He has learned not to even step on my beds! They really are smart and aim to please!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 05/24/10
I would say raised beds- they seem to understand the "boundries" better when there is something they have to jump over.
FigTree commented on 05/24/10