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selfish gardening

by Dawniemom


I am a selfish gardener.

I'm a photographer. Selfishly, I tend to plant things that I want to take pictures of. I like having a willing, beautiful subject before me, one that I don't have to spend too much time seeking out.  Having my own flower garden is something that's always been important to me, if for NO other reason than to provide me those beautiful colors.  As a result, a great percentage of my photographic portfolio contains flowers, flowers and flowers galore. 

When we lived in NH, I had a very small garden - barely 5 feet wide, 3 feet deep.  Now, however, we've tripled that in just one bed, and as I mentioned before, have other beds and more planned.

Here's a photo I took this weekend of a Gerbera daisy that had broken on the plant at the store, that I purposely saved so I could put in a vase and photograph. She (the flower) has since then been living on th eback deck, despite 3 rainy, dreary days, and her image forever captured so that she lives on long after she withers.



photography, Daisies, Gerbera daisies


beauty-full photo!!!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 05/23/10
I love the green background with the pink daisy...just perfect together!
safeharbor commented on 05/21/10
Love the photo! I too think I am good with a camera until I see photos like this! You create magic! Post some more please! :)
gardengirl commented on 05/20/10
I offered an 8x10" framed photo of one of my favorite flower photos for a silent auction. It went for $5. Soooo, I didn't feel too magical after that!
Dawniemom replied: on 05/20/10
well I think those plants will forgive you for planting them just to take pictures of them! That photo is beautiful! SO funny I always think I'm pretty good at photography until I see a professional do it :)
FigTree commented on 05/20/10
lol I can't take credit for it, though - it's the flower that gets the credit!
Dawniemom replied: on 05/20/10