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Some tips on tulips

by bulbguy

tulip, lily-flowered 'marilyn'
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It is fall and it's time for tulips....


As autumn comes and leaves start to fall get those bulbs in the ground!  Make your garden even better with a new grower from Holland, the mecca of tulips.  Located in Brightwood, Virginia  Eco Tulips  is run by Jeroen Koeman.  This  27 year-old grower is on a mission to bring you tulips that were grown in a purely environmentally friendly and sustainable way.  We love that! 




A few more tips for the autumn planting of tulips:


  • PLANT: mid-October and mid-November. 
  • Drainage! Drainage! Drainage! never plant tulips in a waterlogged spot 
  • SUN! SUN! SUN! most perform best in full sun
  • The blooms will last longer if the planting is sheltered from wind.
  • Make sure to replant your bulbs every 5 to 6 years as they start to diminish with age

To learn more or if you have any questions on tulips click here and the expert can help you out!


Let me know how the planting goes!


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