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What kind of organic techniques do you use in your garden?

by organic gardener

Wondering what works and doesn't in other people's gardens.


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Collars for your seedlings is a good way to deter slugs. I hate slugs.
FigTree commented on 06/16/10
Companion planting has worked well for me since 2000. Adding flowers to a veggie garden seemed a little odd at first, but the beneficial insects love the color and scent. &quot;Roses Love Garlic&quot; by Luise Riotte is a good reference. <br/> <br/>Encourage mason bees early in the spring. Your local extension office can refer you to sources.
LB 'Couve commented on 05/21/10
Thanks for the book recommendation! I will look it up!
gardengirl replied: on 05/21/10
Anther book that I have heard is great for companion planting is "Carrots Love Tomatoes". I don't know who wrote it, but maybe it's the same person...
FigTree replied: on 06/16/10
I am trying a milk/water combo to combat powdery mildew on a zucchini. I actually accidentally collected rainwater in a watering can and am using that with the milk. Rain collection is on the to do list....
gardengirl commented on 05/20/10
You have to let me know how that works out!
FigTree replied: on 05/20/10
Would you believe the plant looks better already? Leaves are definitely greener. I did a second 'treatment' today. I am really curious about the mechanics of why this works.
gardengirl replied: on 05/20/10
so cool! I can't believe it worked! SO now we know spray a mixture of milk and water on your plants that have a powdery mildew!
FigTree replied: on 06/02/10
Yes, it's crazy. The plant really looks good now. Who knew?!
gardengirl replied: on 06/02/10
Here at the test gardens we are using crushed up eggshells to deter slugs. We put them all around our raised beds and so far it has worked. They don&#x27;t like to crawl over anything sharp. We would love to hear any new techniques anyone has! <br/> <br/>
dig the dirt editor commented on 05/19/10
that has always worked for me, I also use fising line fencing adn red pepper spray to deter animals.
vatterpa replied: on 07/02/10