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harvesting kale

by dig the dirt editor

This is a cool weather crop that likes a nice little frost to make its leaves sweeter.





How long does it take to grow?

  • It can take up to 5 or 6 months to come to maturity (January-March)
  • in cool climates sow seeds in early summer
  • in mild climates sow seeds outdoors in late summer

When do I pick it?

  • This is a pick as you grow crop.  As the leaves grow pick the outer edge leaves first to leave room for inner leves to get larger. 
  • Use scissors or a knife to cut the leaves off the plant

Eat it!

  • Kale is great cut up and worked into a stir fry, but a great way to cook it is to roast it with other veggies and wrap it in a burrito with beans and cheese.


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