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Something's munching my sunflowers!

by Dawn C (Dawniemom)

crunch crunch

Something is already munching on the leaves of my sunflowers! I haven't seen any Japanese beetles, which is what this damage is reminiscent of, I believe.  Any suggestions?


Sunflowers, pests, lunch


Good to know this- I never thought a bird would eat the leaf of a plant, but I guess why not! I just planted some, so I will be sure to net them when they are young
butterfly commented on 05/18/10
Yes it could definitely be the birds, as I tried to grow them last year and they looked just like that- I will net them this year and see how it goes too.
Seedling commented on 05/18/10
It could be slugs, so check and see if there are any slugs around. <br/> <br/>Another culprit that may eat the leaves of sunflowers is a Goldfinch bird- take a look and see if that may be it. To avoid this bird eating you can put a net around the sunflower until it is too big for the birds to attack. <br/> <br/>Please let me know if this is helpful.
dig the dirt editor commented on 05/17/10
oh wow, never realized a bird could be the culprit. We were so excited to see the goldfinches coming to our feeder, too! LOL I think we'll net them in and see what happens. Thanks for that!
Dawniemom replied: on 05/17/10