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Catus @ Huntington Gardens

by butterfly

Went to Huntington gardens in Pasadena and saw some amazing plants!

Wow!  Huntington Gardens is absolutely amazing, and although I truly love my roses, I took some pictures from the cactus garden.  It was like walking through a Dr Suess book.  It's hard to capture it in pictures, but I tried!


 My girls thought it was so much fun and after the walk we went into the children's center and they played like crazy.  Such a good day!  


Hope you enjoy the photos!



cactus, Huntington Gardens, Succulents


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Loving these shots! Gorgeous!
Lily commented on 05/05/10
Hello Butterfly, how amazing that you went there a little while ago too! My photo picture of myself is from the Huntington! We went for our anniversary on July 17th and spent most of our time in the catus garden. I have some of the same pictures! You captured it perfectly. I do enjoy your photos!
pacificstar commented on 09/24/09
This place looks very cool. Will have to go when Im in California sometime.
Seedling commented on 09/20/09
I&#x27;m bad... I don&#x27;t know what kind of plants these are unfortunately, but ice plant sounds like a cool name. Amazing place for kids- my daughter actually asked me if The Lorax lived there.
butterfly commented on 09/15/09
Is this an ice plant? It looks like one I have. <br/>You weren&#x27;t kidding about the Dr. Seuss atmosphere - pretty cool!!
gardengirl commented on 09/13/09
Hey Butterfly... fantastic pictures! My wife and I had the opportunity to go to the Royal Horticultural Gardens in Sydney, Australia last year, and they have a cactus collection that reminds me of these photos... Thanks for sharing!
chief cultivator commented on 09/12/09