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Wild blooms abound, wild creatures found

by Maggie Tate (gardengirl)

Tiger Swallowtail
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Wild blooms and wild life around my little spot.

I have been so impressed with nature's bouquet recently.  It began, of course, with the bluebonnets and now continues with the thistles, Mexican Hats, Indian Blankets (aka firewheels) and prairie verbena, just to name a few in the wilds behind my house. I couldn't resist the shots of the Tiger Swallowtail on the thistle.












And today in the compost heap, my husband found this beauty - I think it's a rhinoceros beetle larvae.  It was nasty - the width and length of my pointer finger!  Not a creature I might want in the garden, but it's welcome to stay in the compost and work there!





Great photos. I grew up in central Texas and love how the state promotes wildflowers. Here in Lousiana I see so many great flowers mowed down. It is depressing. I have been guilty of digging up the flowers before they get mowed and transplanting them to my house trying to save them.
photoclark commented on 10/15/10
Thanks so much! Good for you for moving some of the flowers to safety! Texas does a wonderful job of showcasing our flowers, I agree. Good luck doing it in LA!
gardengirl replied: on 10/15/10
The butterfly pics are amazing! I miss Texas wildflowers...
chief cultivator commented on 05/19/10
I really enjoyed your photos...I'm enjoying the wild flowers and butterflies here in the Northern California Foothills myself. In fact I'm going to be scattering some California Red Poppies tomorrow! Can't wait to see them bloom!
Loni commented on 05/19/10
Thanks Loni! I tried some orange poppies from seed this year - they have been really nice. Enjoy your red ones - post a picture of the progress and when they bloom - I would love to see it! Wildseed Farms in Fredricksburg, TX had a field of red poppies one year when I toured it with my girls. It was incredible - they let us pick some of the flowers to take home. I don't think any of us will forget being in the middle all those gorgeous blooms!
gardengirl replied: on 05/19/10
Blah!!!!! So funny I was going through your post saying to myself- oh that's so pretty and then BAM- huge nasty worm! I do love those butterfly shots though :) Beautiful!!
FigTree commented on 05/16/10
I know, that last photo is gross!!
gardengirl replied: on 05/16/10