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What is this powdery mildew on my zuccini plants?

by Maggie Tate (gardengirl)

I think my zucchini might have powdery I treat it or rip it out?  What do I treat it with?


vegetables, diseases, zucchini, fungus


Well, it's not spreading and the plant is looking alright....I have been using the milk treatment.
gardengirl commented on 05/26/10
OK- so it is a fungus- and usually the only way to control it is to spray a fungicide on it- but if you want to go organic I just read somewhere that you can spray a mixture of milk and water on your plants! <br/> <br/>1 part SKIM milk to 9 parts water- don&#x27;t put more milk in- guess it doesn&#x27;t work as well... cool huh?
FigTree commented on 05/16/10
Milk? Fascinating - I will give it a try!
gardengirl replied: on 05/16/10