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Santa-Rita Prickly Pear in Virginia

by rootofitall

Santa Rita Prickly Pear - 4/14/10
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After living for four years in the Arizona Desert then moving back home to Virginia, I had to try to bring some of the amazing plants back with me. Here is Opuntia violaceae santa rita, the Santa Rita Prickly Pear, growing in my front yard. This first picture shows some newly formed pads and a flower bud! The Pads emerge with actual true leaves (the fleshy pointed things) that will drop off as the pad hardens off. These leaves are soft to touch and beautiful colors but once they are gone don’t touch! The pad will quickly form glochids and then spines too. This prickly pear has wonderful purple green color pads and yellow flowers.


prickly pear, opuntia, Santa-Rita, cactus, Cacti, Virginia


I have moved prickly pears from one house to another... I miss my Austin cactus garden, but the rain up here in Seattle is a little too much for most cactus to handle... But, we have transplanted some favorites, and it's so cool when it works!!
chief cultivator commented on 05/17/10
The color in the pad is wonderful! I am glad it's doing well for you in Virginia.
gardengirl commented on 05/17/10
oh my gosh! i totally love that you brought it to Virginia- I completely understand the misery of leaving a plant you love. I lived in LA for years and had the most amazing succulents- now in Seattle it is not such a succulent place :( <br/> <br/>Looks beautiful!!
FigTree commented on 05/16/10