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How to replace iPhone 5 new batteries?

by chriscui2016


If you do not have the experience of DIY replacement, this article will share you the experience of exchange battery for iPhone 5 to meet your curiosity.


I believe a lot of iPhone users have the experience of replacing their own iPhone battery, but I do not know how many friends succeed to replace it. If you do not have the experience of DIY replacement, this article will share you the experience of exchange battery for iPhone 5 to meet your curiosity. Meanwhile Cell Phone Age also share with you on the lifetime of smart phones and other issues related to Thinking, welcome you in the comments box to join the discussion, share your interesting experience.


Preparation work

First in the Cell Phone Age you need to buy a suitable iPhone 5 battery, the price is less than 10 dollars to get. The dealer will generally offer with battery the distribution of some fragmentary tools and the like, the website stated "disassemble tool six sets + luxury spree" dazzling words to attract the attention of customers, so that guests do not need to buy other related installation tool after purchasing battery replacement. But fortunately, our purpose is to change the battery, so if there is a tool kit it would be better for next processing. The attached "disassemble tool six sets" including screwdriver, sucker and Alice, etc., what will be able to come in hand are only A screwdriver, a sucker and a plastic pry barring with 3 pieces enough.


As serious screen tilt caused by the battery expansion, the light leakage of edge is clearly close to the limit of danger, but I am also very curious in the end of what extent inside the battery the expansion to. So before hands-on disassemble, in order to the anti-accident, the backup files have been finished into the computer through iTunes, and then shut down, remove two screws on the bottom of fuselage.


Replace the battery of severe expansion

For the new mobile phone first through the hot air blowing about the edge of the screen, in order to the glue soft between the fuselage and screen so that easier to dismantle. But because the hands of the iPhone 5 has been relatively old, the expansion of battery has been extremely raised, so do not use the hot air blower, take the sucker directly in the vicinity of the home button position, with both hands it can be pulled out of the screen part of the body and the body part of the opening gap. This time if the glue is stick tightly, you can use blade to cut to open, but this iPhone 5 in hand of author do not need it, and directly with hand breaking apart.


At this point there are several cables at the top of the screen connected to the motherboard part. In order to facilitate to exchange the battery, you need to first pull out these cable lines. Before removing need to clean up the metal isolation cover with protective effect, there are three screws need to be removed. It should be noted that one of the three screws has a very small difference from the other two on the length, must be noted in advance, in the process of loading if it is on the wrong position, it may damage components below the screws. My colleagues have a similar experience, leading to positioning failure. Seemingly very small mistakes for the use of mobile phones will cause irreparable interference, which is one of the complex design details of the iPhone.


After the separation of the screen you can easily enter next link to take out expanded battery under screen. First you need to disconnect the battery and the motherboard part. Still need to first remove the metal protective cover, still need to pay attention to remember the length of the different screws. As the battery and the back cover of main body are double-sided adhesive relatively tight, so at this time need to use plastic pry bar along the edge so that will not easily damage the location of pry open, and then pull it off with hand. This time with the old and new batteries to do a small contrast, we can clearly see the removed battery expansion was just how serious.


Extra harvest: Fix the Home key failure  

As the iPhone 5 also exists the problem that Home key is not sensitive, personal speculation may be related to the internal metal contact surface oxidation or pressure is not related to the use of the disassemble, deliberately holding the lucky part of the Home button to repair. The process is simple. With a screwdriver or other hard things scratched a few exposed metal contacts, feeling the surface really some attachments, should affect the contact, resulting in poor contact; In addition, in another part of the two metal fulcrum, slightly with a screwdriver up Some, because it looks very weak. In order to avoid damage, here I am very cautious.


After following installation process is not mentioned as it’s too much simple. Before fitting the screen part and the motherboard back cover, it’s better the first to confirm whether power supply is normal after replacement of the new iPhone 5 battery, to confirm if the normal boot and use can be assured after fitting. In processing of fitting the first need to buckle the top of the buckle, down along, and finally put on two batteries on the bottom of phone fuselage.


After replaced with new battery, the tilted screen finally returned to the original position, within using nearly 4 years iPhone5 finally extended lifetime, all happy! Mobile phone life time gets improved at the same time to ensure your security. But the first most important thing is to buy a good quality of iPhone 5 battery replacements at online shop Cell Phone Age com.


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