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Seed savers exchange

by FigTree

New to gardening? This spring gear up by ordering your seeds in advance! Seed Savers exchange is an amazing non-profit started in 1975 by Diane Ott Whealy and Kent Whealy.

Seed Savers Exchange is a great resource to buy seeds for you upcoming Spring vegetable bed that I know you're planning!  Not only are you supporting the largest seed saving company (non-government) in the United States, but you will be getting top quality seeds that can only be found at  

This company has a serious mission- there are over 25,000 endangered vegetable varieties that they make sure do not get lost in the craziness of the modern world.  With 11,000 members helping them save, collect and distribute these heirloom seeds, hopefully the new gardeners of the world will find out about them and keep the tradition going.  Find out all about them on their website.


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This is a really great organization. I love the website and would love to go visit the actual place sometime!
gardengirl commented on 12/08/09