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How to install ZTE MAX Boost LCD digitizer

by chriscui2016


If you prefer a big screen and cheap Android handset, the ZTE MAX Boost is a better choice. If you are willing to make a few compromises on performance and speed, this smart device is worth buying.

  If you prefer a big screen and cheap Android handset, the ZTE MAX Boost is a better choice. If you are willing to make a few compromises on performance and speed, this smart device is worth buying. The Max's 5.7-inch HD IPS display is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. Its 1,280x720-pixel resolution is a disappointment for a screen this size, which would benefit most from the standard 1080p resolution of top-tiered devices. Do you show some interests in this cell phone? Do you have no idea about this strange sm

artphone? In today’s topic, I’d like to tell you a story behind this phone.


  ZTE's Boost Max sports a premium build, a competitive off-contract price, and expandable memory. Measuring 6.5 inches tall, 3.25 inches wide and 0.4-inch thick, the Boost Max is a behemoth of a device. Don't expect to be able to navigate this one easily with one hand, or to have it fit comfortably inside your jean pockets. Though I don't consider it overly heavy for its size, at 6.87 ounces, this handset is going to be heftier than most smartphones. I wasn't able to prop it between my face and my shoulder while having a conversation for a long time due to its weight, but it felt fine when held with my hand.


  True, at 257ppi, it does have a slightly higher pixel density than the Galaxy Mega's 233ppi, but I could still easily see color banding, as well as “crunchiness" with images and graphics. Even app icons looked blurry. When I zoomed in on text, there was some aliasing along the edges. However, the display itself is responsive and sensitive. It's easy view in the daylight and has a satisfactory viewing angle. In addition, high-definition videos still looked smooth, and thanks to its immense size, watching videos and playing games were more immersive than the experience you'd find on smaller handsets.


  Photo quality for the 8-megapixel rear lens was acceptable and will satisfy anyone who wants to take casual pictures from time to time. The camera shutter operates quickly, and touch focusing also took no time at all. Colors were accurate, and with ample lighting, the overall picture clarity was good. However, some objects did come out slightly blurry with soft edges. Photos taken indoors also showed a notable amount of digital noise and artifacts. Video quality also yielded similar, passable results. Nearby audio picked up well, and colors were true to life. Both moving and still objects, in general, remained in focus. However, when I moved the camera around, I could see a subtle, but nonetheless distracting, "pulsating" effect due to the lens readjusting itself for lighting and focus.


  Images range from 640x480 to 3,264x2, 448-pixels. There's also a timer, white-balance settings. As for video, it utilizes the same filters. You can take photos while recording, and there is a time-lapse option. Recording quality spans from MMS video for texts to 1080P.


  The 5.7-inch display is easy to crack. Although it may not have the sharpest screen, it owns an impressive camera. If you have this demand, you can receive the professional help on We offer the high-premium ZTE MAX Boost LCD digitizer replacement, which can be compatible with N9520 model. Our screens go through rigorous QC testing before delivery. Furthermore, if you are a technical enthusiast, we have a set of free installation tool prepared. We are a trustworthy retailer you can count on. Here, it is a whole story of this smart device. If you show further desire, I hope you can place an order as soon as possible.