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Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Option!

by Lily

Rent a Christmas Tree!

Another way to go green this Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas trees, we know our cut tree, live potted tree, or artificial.  The live cut tree is one wins except the person you gave all your money to when you purchased.  The live potted tree is a wonderful option...but where to plant the tree afterward?  And it's not such an easy task in the northern regions where the ground is frozen solid for the long winter months ahead.  And of course, there's the artificial tree that, in it's defense, is much prettier today than 20 years ago!  And you can burn candles to obtain the real pine smell, but it's not the real thing.  Well, now there's a new option!  You can RENT your live, potted tree!  Check out this link...just another option! 


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
wish they had this when I lived in LA- so brilliant! I am really going to try to get a living christmas tree and plant it after. It&#x27;s a lot of work, but I think it just has to be done this year!!!
FigTree commented on 12/06/09