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Harvesting beets

by dig the dirt editor

Beets (roots) are best when they are smaller in size, so don't let them get too large!



How long does it take?

  • 10-15 weeks to maturity
  • if planted in the spring, the harvest should come June-July
  • if planted in the winter (in milder climates) harvest in march

How big should they be?

  • about 2" in diameter. 
  • do not let them get bigger than 4", or they may lose their tenderness.

Will it re-grow?

  • Yes!  Once you harvested them, cut the foliage 2" above soil line.


  • You can also eat the foliage of the plant and use it as a green
  • This should be cut when they are approximately 4"-5" long.



Beets, harvesting beets