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When is the right time to harvest Bok Choy... and how?

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)


OK, so I am pretty new at all this vegetable stuff outside cherry tomatoes! My bok choy is starting to look pretty big and yummy, but I'm not sure if it's time to harvest? And, if it is, it seems like at the store, it's basically the entire plant cut right off at ground level that you buy... so, is that what I am supossed to do, or should I pinch off the outer leaves like a lettuce plant? I know this is going to seem like a silly question once I get some answers!!


Close-up of my bok choy... I can't wait to stir fry with garlic and some light soy sauce!


cooking, harvesting, asian greens, bok choy


Cut down at ground level when it is 12-18 tall! Do it before hot weather sets in or the greens may get burned by the sun. <br/> <br/>
FigTree commented on 05/08/10
what does it mean when they start sprouting yellow flowering out of the bok choy plant?
Marcia57 replied: on 06/24/11
I have never grown bok choy, but we got a lot of it from the CSA this year. I would pull the whole thing up and then slice off the roots. Harvest when it&#x27;s big enough for you to eat. We had some in the CSA box that were babies - I have seen a lot of recipes calling for baby bok choy. We also got some that were about 10 inches tall. I don&#x27;t think you can go wrong. Enjoy it! The beds look wonderful!
gardengirl commented on 05/07/10
will they grow again?
Marcia57 replied: on 06/24/11