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Figs with basil & goat cheese

by Seedling

A friend of mine I was visiting has a fig tree and we made this delicious appetizer. Even if you can't get them fresh off the tree, you HAVE to try and make this!

My friend who I will not name and embarrass is probably the most creative person in the world.  While I was visiting her, she decided to have a couple of people over to her beautiful house.  She whisked out to the garden and picked some figs and some basil and this is what she served.  It was sweet and tangy and bursting with flavor.



Figs - cut in half

Basil - one bunch cut into strips

Goat Cheese - one package

Balsamic vinegar to drizzle over figs


  • To make this get a pretty platter and arrange your cut figs on it facing up. 
  • Put a dollop of goat cheese on each one, a sliver of basil on each.
  • Drizzle balsamic vinegar over each fig.

Serve them immediately with a napkin.



figs, goat cheese, Basil, recipes


Whole Foods, Trader Joes, The Farmer's Market & Hows did not have figs. Finally Bristol Farms had wonderful Panama Whites! If you want pure palate pleasure MAKE THIS TODAY! We served it to friends last night and it was "OMG this is SOOOO GOOD"
Lawrence Schulte commented on 05/30/10
This looks absolutely amazing! Hmmmm....I have figs and basil in my garden too!!! :) A little goat cheese and I'm in!!
Lily commented on 05/08/10