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Golden Goose Sale arch-foe

by gogoosesnas

Golden Goose Sneakers

Eritrea dismisses accusation that seized tourists Eritrea has dismissed as "baseless fabrication" accusations by an Ethiopian official that Eritrean forces kidnapped a group of tourists, including Britons and Ethiopians, in a remote part of Ethiopia.

Ismael Ali Sero, the head of the Afar administration region told Reuters on Saturday that the kidnappers came from Arat military training camp in Eritrea and burned vehicles and two homes before leaving with the group.

But the Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu said Asmara had nothing to do with the abductions.

"It is a baseless fabrication. It has nothing to do with Eritrea. It happened inside Ethiopia," he told Reuters in Nairobi by telephone.

"The Ethiopian regime is trying to exploit it for political prostitution. They always blow up bombs and accuse Eritrea. It is an Ethiopian staged drama."

Asmara routinely denies accusations of infiltration by its Golden Goose Sale arch-foe. Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a war in 1998-2000 and still dispute their border.

Meanwhile, in an effort to locate the five British nationals kidnapped in Ethiopia, British diplomats have set up operations in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, and in the north-eastern town of Mekele.

Local media says five Ethiopians working as drivers or translators with the British group had been located by Ethiopian soldiers and are being questioned.

Tony Hickey is from Ethiopia Quadrants, the tour company that arranged the trip. He told the BBC the area was usually relatively safe.

"We've had thousands of people going through that area over the last five, six, seven years it's become a popular routing," he said.

"Nothing has ever happened. Over the Christmas Golden Goose Sneakers period, New Years period there were probably more than a hundred tourists of different nationalities including British camping out in the very area from which those people were taken.


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