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by gogoosesnas

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2 dead, 9 hurt in Sochi building blast: Interfax

Two people have been killed and nine injured in an explosion which ripped through a 12-storey apartment building in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Interfax news agency reported.

Interfax, quoting its own correspondent in the city, said emergency workers had sealed off access to the building. It did not say what had caused the blast or give its exact time.

"The first to the fourth floors of a 12-storey building have been destroyed," it quoted the regional deputy director of the Emergency Situations Ministry, Nikolai Shustov, as saying.

Ambulances and fire engines had rushed Golden Goose Sneakers Sale to the scene of the blast in a suburb of Sochi, Interfax added.

The resort is a popular holiday destination for Russians.

- Reuters


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