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Gardening and pop culture

by jmarkowski

While gardening has emerged as my numero uno hobby/past time/passion/future employment (I can dream), I have always been a lover of all things pop culture. I have read every issue of Entertainment Weekly from cover to cover since it's inception. While a bit ashamed, I have been known to watch numerous "reality" shows. I am an avid music lover (Radiohead sits atop the list), movie watcher (usually smaller independent films) and an obsessive (though not neurotic) follower of the show Lost. 

You say "That's great John, and I needed to know that why?". I say, "Because my digthedirt friend, I am going to attempt something that has never been done before. I am going to bring the gardening world and the pop culture world together".

Is this really necessary? Absolutely not. Will it make sense to any of you? I sure hope so because if not, you'll never read my posts again.

I am going to pick 5 plants and relate them to 5 different pop culture icons. With fingers crossed and a bit of trepidation, I give you my five:

Ornamental grass = REM

An ornamental grass from the moment the foliage emerges in spring is a nice constant presence in the mixed garden bed. It lends structure and is a nice contrast to other more rounded shrubs/perennials. It then has it's moment in the sun (pun intended) when it blooms mightily in the fall. After blooming it continues to be a nice presence into the winter. It may not be a star but you would miss it if it were to be taken away.

To me, REM has always been one of those bands that you like more than you realize. While they haven't had any real monstrous hits since the 90's, they still continue to make good music with an occasional standout. Their library of songs is endless and I bet if you go back and listen you'll be more impressed than you realize.

Rose bush (excluding Knock-outs) = Mickey Rourke

I've tried for years to successfully grow roses. Most often it is a hybrid tea. Those blooms are killer, especially when looking at catalogs over the winter. If I had to estimate though, I've probably only been succesful 10% of the time. When they work it is a sight to behold. When they don't, run for the hills.

Mickey Rourke was phenomenal in the movie 9 1/2 weeks and you really thought that trend would continue into the 90's. Yet it never happened - mostly because of his self-destructedness. But every once in a while (and we've seen it with The Wrestler) he can blow your mind. We'll see how he performs in Iron Man 2 to see if maybe he has become more consistent (and then I will deem him a Knockout Rose).

Peonies = Meryl Streep 

This is easy to describe. Always beautiful. Always reliable. Never goes out of style. Everyone loves them.

Dandelions = Paris Hilton

Another easy one to describe. You do everything in your powers to get them out of your life only to realize they are here to stay. Then you decide you'll ignore them and not get worked up about their existence, only to become infuriated again when you can't look away at all the damage they've done to your senses.

Impatiens = any movie starring Kate Hudson

Here is where I may offend but I have to say it. I just don't like Impatiens. Maybe because you see 789,000 flats of them for sale as you enter a Home Depot or Lowe's. It is the go-to flower for those who pay attention to their landscape one weekend a year. I watch people buy them over and over again and just can't figure out the appeal.

The only Kate Hudson movie I ever liked was Almost Famous. One of my favorites actually. But ever since then she has starred in the exact same movie over and over again. Hi I'm quirky, can't find a guy and fall down and do goofy things a lot. Same plot and ultimately the same ending. Pure vanilla and I just don't see the appeal. I think you watch her movies if it comes on HBO and you don't feel like changing the channel. But once it is done you kind of wish you invested your time in something else.

Well there you have it. I fear you will question my sanity but that's OK. That is what I am here for - to make you feel like you're not all that crazy.








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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
This is HYSTERICAL!!!! I agree with your choices, although I like Kate Hudson. I came up with a couple... <br/> <br/>Beyonce - Salpiglossis &#x27;Royale Chocolate&#x27; - gorgeous velvety chocolate bloom! <br/> <br/>Angelina Jolie (I apologize if I offend anyone other than AJ) - I couldn&#x27;t decide so I chose 3 plants for her. 1) Mother of 1000&#x27;s - I mean, REALLY?! 2) Voodoo Lily - very poisonous if ingested and 3)Amorphophallus titanum - a huge stinky flower...AJ is undoubtedly beautiful on the exterior and thus lures her prey - similar to the angler fish or perhaps a carnivorous plant - but her stench always lingers. OK...I&#x27;ll be nice. Did I happen to mention that I like Jennifer Anniston and Laura Dern?! <br/>Wow...that got a bit caddy, didn&#x27;t it?! I really must apologize again. <br/> <br/>I like Cajunberry&#x27;s reference to Audrey Hepburn, although I think of her as a beautiful orchid. <br/> <br/>I&#x27;m trying to think of one for a guy, but it&#x27;s a little difficult to refer to a man as a flower...hmmm! <br/> <br/>Anyway, as you know, I&#x27;m a HUGE LOST fan, too. I&#x27;m going to be so sad in a few more weeks!!! :(
Lily commented on 05/05/10
Wow ... yours blow mine away. The AJ comparisons are phenomenal! Did you see Sunday May 23rd there is 5 1/2 hours of LOST on? 2 hour retrospective and 2 1/2 hour finale. Ummmmm ... I'm in heaven.
jmarkowski replied: on 05/06/10
team Jennifer!! YAY!
FigTree replied: on 05/06/10
You guys are all hilarious! It is too late in the evening for me to match stars with plants, but I love the idea! I am trying to come up with one for root veggies - perhaps a star that has more to him or her than meets the eye....I am sure there is one out there.... <br/> <br/>And I have to confess, I like Kate Hudson too...
gardengirl commented on 05/05/10
Hey gardeners, this could be fun! <br/>Here are my prescribed horticultural matches for five celebs: <br/>Katherine Hepburn: live oak tree - remember the Barbara Walters interview? <br/>Audrey Hepburn: an overflowing flower cart in diminuitive cream-colored blooms <br/>Elton John: a variegated fuchsia <br/>Brittney Spears: daylily (ephemerally lasts only one day, like the fifteen minutes of fame she may have had) <br/>Tiger Woods (after sex rehab): Chaste tree (Vitex), a tree with libido-controlling properties. <br/>cajunbarry <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 05/04/10
English Ivy = Lindsey Lohan <br/>It appears attractive, but ultimately it&#x27;s invasive, impossible to get rid of and no amount of intoxicating substances can make it go away... <br/> <br/>Awesome, awesome post...
chief cultivator commented on 05/03/10
Well played, well played. I like that one a lot!!!
jmarkowski replied: on 05/04/10
Don&#x27;t think I am too old or anything but the best reference is to the beautiful Meryl Streep. I would say she is definitely a peony- or a rose!
HeartOfTexas commented on 05/03/10
Hmmm... yes Dandelions and paris hilton do have so much in common. Love this post...
Seedling commented on 05/03/10
This is the best - my kind of garden talk. I have to say I agree with you on all counts, especially Mickey Rourke. Can&#x27;t wait to see Iron Man 2 -
nematode commented on 05/03/10
I am DYING laughing. And agree with it all! OK I kind of love Kate Hudson, but probably b/c I lust after her long amazing hair, that is probably fake. SO there you have it. Hollywood/music business and the gardening world are all in the same :) <br/> <br/>Don&#x27;t tell anyone, but I read PEOPLE.
FigTree commented on 05/03/10