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Instagram videos & daily length of stay

Do you need Instagram statistics? For example: How many Instagram users are there? How many people use Instagram in Germany? How relevant is Instagram Explore?

Over 1 billion people will use Instagram worldwide in 2020 and over 21 million users in Germany. Five hundred million people use Instagram Stories every day.

After Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, Instagram now has over 1 billion users. Worldwide.

According to the Facebook ad manager, 21 million people can be reached via Instagram ads in Germany.

Stories are evolving too, and over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

Other official Instagram statistics relate to the length of stay, the number of advertisers, and the use of Instagram Stories by companies. Since there are more and more interesting Instagram statistics, we have summarized the numbers for you.


The development of advertising customers worldwide shows how important Instagram has become as an advertising channel. In March 2017, there were 1 million advertisers, and six months later, there were already 2 million advertisers. The same applies to the development of Instagram company profiles. Since June 2017, another 10 million company profiles have been created or converted.

Instagram statistics for 2020

All statistics come directly from Instagram or from the Facebook ad manager.

21 million Instagram users in Germany

At the beginning of 2016, there were still 9 million users in Germany. Instagram has not published any official user numbers for Germany for a long time. But if you look at the growth of Instagram and the ad manager so far, the number of Instagram users in Germany should be 21 million people in 2020.

18 million Instagram Stories users in Germany

If you limit the placement to Instagram Stories in the ad manager, Facebook gives a potential reach of 18 million people. On the one hand, this confirms the relevance of Instagram Stories in Germany, and, on the other hand, it shows that the majority of active Instagram users also use Stories.

1B Instagram users worldwide

Since June 2016, Instagram has gained another 500 million users. As of September 2017, 200 million people.

130M people interact with Instagram Shopping

After the shopping was integrated into the feed, the feature is now also available for stories. The numbers refer to interactions with the shopping function and not to sales.

500 million daily active Instagram users

This means that half of all Instagram users use the app every day.

500 million Instagram Stories users every day

In June 2018, there were still 400 million people. A growth of 100 million users in six months. This makes the growth of Instagram Stories even more impressive than Instagram itself. It is not without reason that Facebook assumes that Stories will replace the feed-in 2019.

500 million people use the Instagram Explore tab every day

A revamped version of Instagram Explore was unveiled at F8 2018. The focus here is on tailor-made content and topic channels. Furthermore, Instagram is being consistently expanded. Be it Instagram Reels or a deeper Instagram Shopping integration.

90% of Instagram users follow at least one business

This value continues to rise and confirms why a presence on Instagram is so important for companies.

 Daily time spent by users under the age of 25 is 32 minutes Daily time spent by users over 25 years old is 24 minutes.

It's been a long time. In 2014, the time spent on Instagram was 7.3 minutes per day.

There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram worldwide.

In July 2017, there were still 15 million Instagram business profiles.

200 million people view Instagram business profiles every day

2 out of 3 visitors to Instagram business profiles are not followers of the business

This is one of Instagram's strengths. Instagram always manages to draw people's attention to new content and channels. Instagram video watch time has increased by 80% in one year.

The Instagram Stories boom will continue to increase the value but will increasingly shift to the Stories area.

25% of all Instagram Stories published are boomerangs

  The number of Instagram videos produced daily has quadrupled in 12 months.

  50% of all companies publish at least one Instagram story per month

60% of all Instagram Stories are played with sound

A big difference to, for example, Facebook videos in the news feed.

  1/3 of the most viewed stories come from brands and businesses

Instagram ads are used by 2 million advertisers.

Within six months, another 1 million advertisers discovered Instagram for themselves.

Instagram is thriving. Not only the development of user numbers and user activity should make Instagram happy, but also the adaptation of stories by companies and the doubling of advertising customers within six months. The numbers are once again very impressive. But we must not forget that Instagram Stories, for example, has been available for two years. Instagram will be the next Facebook. Or maybe that's it?

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