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by JasonV


With the new Collabs feature, users can publish content together. Find out in the article what the function cannot do and what the whole thing can look like in the feed. Instagram also provides new audience insights.

Posting on Instagram is a science in itself. For many users, companies, and creators, it is part of everyday life. And for the latter groups, it is also an important part of digital business. In order to offer the entire community on the platform even more posting options, Instagram is launching a collabs function called "co-author." On the other hand, more in-depth information on the commitment of the followers and the target group reached is made available.

Collaborate on Instagram: Share feed posts with other accounts

The new Co-Author feature allows creators, businesses, and users to publish feed posts together - including videos in Feed and Reels. The company explains this in the press release for the new feature. Accordingly, users can invite another account to be a co-author of their contribution. If that person/account accepts the invitation, both account names will appear in the post header. In addition, the post is shared with the communities in both profiles. In addition, the authors can see the number of shared views, likes, and comments from followers.

Facebook's Vice President and Head of Metaverse, Vishal Shah, shows via Twitter what this can look like:

Instagram had already tested the option in the summer. The official roll-out is now starting, which Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri also comments on:

Instagram Growth Hack With Limitations

The "co-author" function is a way for both creators and brands to quickly increase the reach of posts on Instagram. Cooperation with popular influencers or high-reach accounts can benefit them. In this respect, the collabs feature could be considered a growth hack. It is also an option that could be used for jointly developed topics - for example, media cooperation in research or cooperation between brands and influencers.

However, the function cannot be used to create content together. It's also important to note that for paid partnerships between creators and businesses, the new feature doesn't replace the Branded Content Tool. 

Facebook will also test a similar "co-author" feature for video posts on the platform. Perhaps users will then be able to post posts together on both platforms in the future. Cross-posting between these is currently at least strongly promoted by Facebook, as a recent test shows. 

More audience insights for users

During the week, Instagram announced numerous new features and updates. This also includes the following new insights about target groups and the commitment of your own community :

  • Accounts engaged
  • Engaged Audience
  • reached Audience

With the Accounts engaged factor, account owners can see how many accounts have interacted with their content in a certain period of time. Demographic information – for example, about countries and cities, gender, and age – of the user is also provided. In addition, a distinction is made between followers and non-followers.

Instagrams Accounts engaged (click on the image to get a larger view), © Instagram

The social company now also provides demographic data from the same categories for the target group reached as with the Audience engaged. In the Insights area, users can find these under Accounts reached.

Instagrams Accounts reached (click on the image to get a larger view), © Instagram.

In the future, Instagram will also offer creators who work with brands more insights. If they enter into a paid partnership, the creators can see the performance of the brand post (or ad). That means they get insight into the reach, the number of likes, shares, comments, and storage. In the Branded Content Ads section of Settings, creators will find the View Ads and Insights section.

With these features, Instagram professionalizes not only collaboration on the platform but also the transparency and measurability of (joint) postings. One more reason for brands and influencers to share new - also commercial - content on this platform. You can find more information about the updates on Instagram's blog.





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