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by katewilson


It is a private university affiliated with the Jesuits, and is an Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities member. Santa Clara University offers baccalaureate degrees in arts, science and engineering, and commerce. It also offers graduate programs in law, business, engineering, education, counseling psychology, and pastoral ministries. Among its notable alumni are author Khaled Hosseini and Google Chief Financial Officer, George Reyes. Interesrted applicants may log on to and the school’s online admissions page. If studying alone doesn’t work for you at all, then you should probably consider joining a study group. Study groups are small groups of students who meet regularly to discuss academic concepts and share creative ideas. Joining study group sessions at is one effective way of improving your social skills and enriching your academic knowledge. Study group sessions, when not conducted properly, can actually be disadvantageous for you. It will not only consume too much your precious time, but it will also waste too much of your much-needed energy. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of study group sessions. Review your lessons before the study group session. The purpose of holding study group sessions is to share ideas, not to tutor your co-students. So, before the scheduled study group session, see to it that you actually have some ideas to share. Save yourself from the sheer embarrassment of being labeled “irresponsible” by reading about the topics to be discussed on your next study group session. If you think it is necessary, do some research to support your thoughts and ideas so you can have something logical to share with the other members of the study group. Stick to your objectives during the study group session. When friends come together for a study group session, there is always a possibility that they will end up talking about topics other than the scheduled assignment. Your study group session may begin with a discussion on Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but it will most likely end with Barney Stinson’s Lemon Law of the dating world. To avoid the possibility segueing to non-academic topics, assign one member of the group to be the “party pooper.” The “party pooper” is the person who will remind everybody to get back on track whenever you find yourselves engrossed in funny stories or gossips. College is all about interacting with people. You have to learn how to communicate with your professors and how to socialize with your classmates because you will never know when you are going to need their help. The people that you need to get along with the most, however, are neither your professors nor your classmates. In college, it is more important to establish good relationships with your dormmates. Your dorm mates are like your family in your college. You live under one roof and sometimes, you even share the same room. It is never easy to suddenly get used to living with somebody you hardly know and it takes a lot of adjustment from both parties to make everything work.