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Rescue should be the premise of

by jacketsy

This is must abide by the border. Don't follow this boundary, in the case of excess supply of real estate person to maintain the real estate bubble, will only make Gucci Belt Replica economic dependence on real estate. Now a lot from the Gucci Store real estate has been to see many suddenly in transit shout rescue, including some real estate practitioners, all fantasy by rescue, can like 08, 4 trillion, a new round of housing prices feast, it is not realistic, also is very dangerous. Under the condition of excess housing supply has become increasingly in Gucci Store, any unilateral policies are difficult to maintain housing prices to rise. House prices rise more than 20% for this year led the national housing prices in Cheap Gucci Belts, after has increased since the supply of commercial houses a policy, such as the recent and convene a meeting of the developer, strengthen the property control measures to curb housing prices to rise further.
more conducive to Gucci Belt Replica economic transformation. Rescue should be the premise of house prices appeared sharp callback, and may lead to the financial system a large area of bad debts, currently no signs that happens. Rescue is not can't, but rescue can not break through the market boundary, can not break through the bottom line of thinking. As the timing of the rescue, cannot rescue prices appeared to adjust, this will only make real estate risks continue to accumulate. The timing of the rescue must be prices fell seriously damage Gucci Belt Replica economy, the financial risk is likely to trigger system. If only because the house is too much and the normal adjustment, the government should never rescue easily. And once the decline in the prices of Gucci Belt Replica financial system of Gucci Belt Replica macroeconomic may cause substantial damage, government can make moves.