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The leaves on my seedlings are turning yellow. Any ideas on what they might be needling?

by earthworm

Wondering if I am watering them too much or if they need some kind of fertilizer.  Any help would be great!


Tomatoes, SEEDLINGS, yellow leaves on tomatoes


It could be a couple of things: <br/> <br/>Your tomato seedlings could be lacking in nitrogen, which is essential for their growth. If you are gardening organically you will not be able to add synthetic nitrogen. You can use fish emulsion and follow direction accordingly <br/> <br/>You could be over watering your tomato seedlings which is an easy thing to do if you are a first time grower! Give them a rest from too much water. <br/> <br/>It could also be a lack of light. Those babies need sun to grow!
FigTree commented on 04/27/10