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Why is the new growth on my rose bush drooping?

by Bromeliad Lover

We've had enough rain lately so I haven't had to water it. I did a light pruning this year in march. I did a heavy pruning last year. Both years the new growth has drooped. All of the new little red leaves are hanging down.



Could be a couple of things... <br/> <br/>Botrytis Blight: look for a dark gray lesion below the flower head and brown, decaying buds. If you see them, you must prune it back completely where the lesion are. Make sure to wipe your pruners with water and bleach solution as not to spread the problem. <br/> <br/>Raspberry Cane Borer: a black beetle with a dark orange body. Look for an entrance hole in the cane of the plant where they may have entered. Cut below that hole with pruners. Then coat the canes with &quot;grafting wax&quot; so no more beetles can get in! <br/> <br/>If it is neither of these it could be the way it is being watered. Roses need approximately 2&quot; of water per week. So if there is not enough water, ry doing a 5 hour soak! Put the hose at the base of the plant and on a VERY slow drip (1 drip per 3-4 seconds) and leave it on for 5 hours.
FigTree commented on 04/26/10
I'll try to get a picture. I'll also check it for the problems you've mentioned. Thanks
Bromeliad Lover replied: on 04/27/10
Sadness! Do you have a picture of it?
FigTree commented on 04/26/10