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one lucky gardener

by FigTree

As part of "Spring into Bed" a grass-roots, city wide, garden building event on May 8th this gardener is getting her very own vegetable beds!

"Spring Into Bed!" is organizing volunteers at sites throughout the city and tallying back yard garden building.   They are raising over $13,000 to build subsidized gardens for low income people on May 8th and into the future.

They have 8 of 10 Captains raising $1,000 each for the cause. They are looking for 2 more captains to gather $1,000 worth of donations and build a garden on the day of!! So if this woman's story inspires you please come and captain a bed!

One of the recipients, "Onion" spoke to me through email and she is excited at what the garden bed will do for her and her family:


Do you have any experience in gardening?

Yes, I tried to start my own garden before, but couldnt afford the cost. We have grown tomatos and corn.

What excites you most about the possibility of having a new garden?

Restoring my cultural connection to food that sustains our people in Mexico. Growing up I remember my dad harvesting corn from our back yard and as an adult I want my son to feel that way about me. It also
is becoming more and more important with the GMO's in our food to have ties to organic food that nutures us physically and culturally.


What will be the main things you will grow in your garden?

Corn is the core substance we will grow. We are people of the corn and I want to teach my 4 year old son how it works. How we husk corn and use it in all our foods. Tomatoes for Salsa too. I will probably also grow local foods like beans, squash, pumpkins and herbs like rosemary and lavender.


Do you grow vegetables with recipes you would like to cook in mind?

Not exactly, its more looking at the whole picture with culture, cooking, raising my son, physically working out in my yard and eating seems like the last part of it all.


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