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How to See Instagram Stories Anonymously? Here are top 3 ways

by someto

Instagram stories are one of the most useful and engagement-oriented features in the platform that all users, whether popular or not, tend to use. Whenever a person sees the stories, the one who has posted it would easily know about them. In general, it's not an alarming situation or doesn’t create any major issue. However, you would be wanting to see the Instagram stories without knowing others that you have watched them.

Due to these reasons, you would be looking to find ways to help you see Instagram stories anonymously. Well, you have the option to watch the stories, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. So without wasting any further time, let's talk about the list of ways in the below section.

Use Someone Else Instagram Account:

It’s possible that the one whose stories you want to see would be your relative or friend whom you are not meeting anymore. Therefore, watching their Instagram stories with your account could raise some questions in your mind.

If you have a close friend who also has an account on Instagram, you can watch the Instagram stories with their accounts. It’s one of the easiest ways to see the stories anonymously. In other words, the other person's account you are using will be counted as the story view on to the other person's account data. Therefore, you will remain anonymous to them.

Use of Third Party Application:

Use of a Third-party Application would be another amazing option for you to see the stories on a particular Instagram user without letting them know about it. You can term it as the Insta stalker method, where you can put the Link of the Instagram profile to the Third-party application. As a result, the third-party application will show you their stories on their platform. These third-party applications are for example Instagram story viewer.

It would help all the peoples who are not using Instagram. So, they can easily put the data of someone else’s account and get the story data on their end.

Turn on Airplane Mode:

Suppose you don’t want to consider the above two methods to see the Instagram stories as an anonymous person. In that case, there is still an option left for you to see the Instagram stories with your account and remain anonymous to the other person by not letting your account information appear on their story views section.

Here, you would have to do the whole thing technically. Yes, you will first need to access the personal account with your Instagram Account. After you land on their profile, tap on the Air plan mode option that will disconnect the internet and let you use the Instagram app on the offline mode.

By doing this, the mobile phone will automatically load the stories for you. So, when you see them in offline mode, the stories will appear to you. But, at the same time, your account will not show to the other person even if you see the stories.

The only drawback of this method is that you can’t see more than one story. Why? Because Instagram only loads the first story for the User, you would then require the Wi-Fi to load the other stories.


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