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My November 29, 2009 Garden

by Lily

The Agave blooms are almost finished!
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My garden today

This morning was absolutely gorgeous...the warmth had returned to South Florida after a brief "cold spell" and everything seemed happy, bright and cheerful!  Although, everything is not necessarily thriving at the moment.  My turkey fig tree appears half dead, although it is sporting new buds at the end of every branch.  The aphids are having a feast on the hibiscus and mandavilla.  The agave blooms are almost done.  The lantana is looking very woody and dried out.  However, the new front patio garden is maturing well, the pwoder puff bush is in full bloom, the lemons are in full harvest, the bananas are ripening, the orange jasmine are sporting bright red berries 


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someone else in florida was bummed about their turkey fig as ell- must have been that cold spell for you guys. <br/> <br/>LOVE the new patio! You guys did a super good job with that- and love how you left spaces in the patio for some serious succulent action! Wish I could vacation to Florida right now!
FigTree commented on 12/01/09
I don't know if it's the cold or if it's the season that the fig is reacting to...this is only my second year with it. It did the same last year, but I chalked it up to the freeze we experienced. Thanks for the patio comments! I can't wait for the space to mature! I PRAY for grapes!! Won't that be FUN?!?!?!
Lily replied: on 12/01/09
ummm... SO FUN! also- i love that inspiration picture of the huge vineyard! Is that Italy or Greece? AMAZING! I love it when people try and recreate a place they love at their house. Can't wait to see more pictures as the vines take over :)
FigTree replied: on 12/01/09
Great photos! I love the one of the bananas! I was lucky enough to have ONE banana grow on my trees last year - it was the talk of the neighborhood because it&#x27;s so unusual here in Central Texas! I didn&#x27;t ever pick it though because I didn&#x27;t know when it would be ready. I read they ripen off the tree? Is that right? When do you harvest yours? Are they good to eat? Thanks for all the pictures!
gardengirl commented on 11/30/09
I hope you got a photo of the ONE funny! Yes, they ripen on the tree, although my trees occasionally give out before the fruit ripens so I cut off the cluster and hang it in my shed or garage (that's why we have the stalks supported right now). They're VERY good to eat! I have two different varieties, although I don't know what they are. But one grouping of trees produces larger/longer fruit that is more spread out in the cluster. These bananas are good but not as sugary sweet as the other variety that is shorter and more compact in the cluster. Regardless, they're both wonderful! Do your trees show signs of bearing fruit again? Did you notice anything different about them when they sent out the one? I know my bananas are very heavy feeders.
Lily replied: on 12/01/09
No bananas this year :( It was really an unusual thing for us to have them. This year it was too hot and dry. Maybe the year before we had more rain? They get watered from the sprinkler, but it's not the same. What do you use to fertilize the bananas? Perhaps if I fed them....
gardengirl replied: on 12/01/09
We had a cold spell also here...Friday morning through Sunday morning...temperatures in the 40&#x27;s at night!!! Thanksgiving was beautiful, though. We had the whole family over and everyone ate out on the lanai. So nice! Love the photos of your garden! Your &#x27;Queen Emma&#x27; looks great. So do your bananas! I&#x27;m planning to rip out my pomegranate and plant a banana in its place. I&#x27;ve had the pomegranate for nearly five years, but it has always floundered. Time to go! Your photo #4 is somehow comforting to me, knowing that others struggle with hibiscus problems. My son planted a magnolia fig on his property, which looked great at first, but now it looks kinda like your photo. I understand that they are decidious trees and lose their leaves in winter. (?) He just planted it a few months ago, so I really can&#x27;t offer a lot of experience here. Your plumeria cuttings look great...aren&#x27;t they the easiest plants on earth to root?!! Stick them in the ground, and you don&#x27;t even have to water! And such pretty, sweet-smelling flowers! Photo #21 is so would make a great tourist postcard...or, better yet, a Florida Christmas card! :-)
Daylilyjoy commented on 11/30/09