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How to make newspaper pots for your seeds and seedlings

by dig the dirt editor

A great way to cut down on costs is to use old newspapers to make pots to transfer your seedlings. They are economical and easy- a great after school project for you and your kids!


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  • An old newspaper
  • A can, mason jar or canned food.  Any object can be used depending on the size and shape you want.
  • Masking tape.



Step 1:

  • Cut your newspaper into 5" X 18" strips. 
  • They can be longer or shorter depending on the size of your object.


Step 2:

  • Lay the Newspaper out on a flat surface.
  • Place the object on top of the newspaper so there is a 1 1/2" overhang on the edge of the newspaper.
  • Start rolling the object, making sure to keep it fairly tight.



Step 3:

  • Use a small piece of tape and tape the side of the newspaper.
  • Flip the object over and fold the overhanging newspaper as if you were wrapping the end of a present.  
  • Place a piece of tape on the edge of the folds to secure it down.




Enjoy your new pots!  You can use these as a place to start seeds or to tranfer your seedlings after the are approximately 4" tall!




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Super good project for the kids and let me tell you this will save me a bundle on pots. Thanks for the good directions and I love the video too.
nematode commented on 05/03/10