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The Ultimate Guide To Hand Carving

by Martalanct


This tool consists of a sharp cutting edge attached to a handle. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, so be sure to get a kit with a wide variety. The second part of respecting the blade is understanding how to properly handle it. Some tools require the full force of your biceps, back, and shoulder muscles.

  • This pattern will be laid upon the wood panel to be carved and will stay there until the carving has been finished.
  • Relief carving is a unique and elaborate process that it is not imitated by other styles.
  • Measured in millimeters, chisels come in various sizes, each with their own particular use.
  • For example, in the figure below, notice how the width corresponds to the distance across the gouge.
Allow the wood to dry naturally, and when you feel confident it has dried enough to withstand a blade, begin carving. You will quickly find out if the wood has had enough time to dry. The biggest mistake a rookie hand carver makes is not taking off enough wood at a time.


Chris makes mostly web videos about any wood carving types rather than writing text - which is much more helpful especially when trying to explain techniques of wood carving. It is a well-rounded site for those who are still not sure which wood carving type suit them the best. To make your life easier, it is best to first draw a quick sketch of your final result. You will carve with more precision and get a more professional result that looks more like what you had in mind this way. Remember, with wood carving, once you make a mistake you can never go back! So, it is important to get started the right way by making planning a sketch first.


Short Bent Tool


Instead of working with the whole material, when relief carving you simply work with a small area. Relief carving is generally used to carve sculptures out of wood. It is also a popular method used by craftsmen to make busts and ornamental figurines, caricatures and faces. It is a little bit more complex than other types woodcarving info of wood carving and will require some more advanced skills as well as experience to perform successfully. High relief carving has the shallowest depth of carving, while pierced relief carvings can have areas that go straight through the wood. Relief carving can be used for art pieces that look like a 3D photo.

You can also use this technique to create kitchen utensils, pipes, personalized clothespins, and much more! After you’ve got your project whittled to completion, you can consider adding a layer of paint or varnish for some finishing touches. Specialized whittling knives are great to use because they offer you a fixed single blade to work with. The leather thimble and cut-resistant gloves will save your hands from getting injured. Carving in the round involves clean, smooth, lines and rounded angles.