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Thinning out your seedlings: trimming

by dig the dirt editor

Once your seedling are looking a little crowded it is time to thin them out. Follow these extremely simple steps and you will have your seedlings looking great in no time!



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Once your seedlings are about 3-4" tall it will definitely be time to thin them out.  There are a few ways to do this, but if you do not need all of the plants the best way is to cut off the weaker seedlings.

1. Determine which seedling is the hardiest.  This is not always the tallest seedling, but the seedling with the strongest stem. 


2. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut away at the very base of the stem, where it is in line with the soil, or at the top of the pellet.


3. Work around the whole plant cutting away until you have your last one left.  Make sure to give this remaining seedling a good drink of water!





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Nice job with the directions and photos! I know it is the right thing to do, but it's hard for me to cut them back. I want them all to grow!
gardengirl commented on 04/16/10