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My Backyard Vineyard

by Lily

The "junk yard" patio space will be transformed to a lovely grape covered haven!
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Planting grapes to complete our Greek-influenced garden

Florida's climate has given us the chance to transform our yard into  a tropical haven inspired by our relatives in Greece.  One missing element was the cherished grape vine.  Only one variety of grape tolerates the Florida climate...the muscadine grape.  Imagine my delight when I discovered a few at the local garden shop!  My next hurdle was deciding on the perfecPatio_junk_yard_112909.detail




t location in my yard, as muscadines require space and sun...two hot commodities in my dwindling available landscape.  Additionally, I require my landscape to be functional as well as pretty.  It was no small task but I discovered the perfect "hidden garden" that had become a junk yard for various gardening tools and potted plants.  I decided to retransform the space to become the Mediteranian retreat we'd first invisioned.





First, I "weeded" the grass from the strip between the pavers and shed, then planted the grape vines and some ground cover, added some landscape stones and a trellis, and temporarily housed the potted cucumbers.  The plan is for the grape vines to climb up the trellis to some wires we'll run from the shed to the fence, eventually creating a covered patio space.  I imagine a covered patio with grape clusters hanging down just as they do at my husband's Aunt's house surrounded by lemon basil and aloe that is already growing in this location, flanked by the bananas and lemons!  AHHHHH!!  Stay tuned for updates!





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Well done! I love the patio and look forward to seeing the gorgeous vine covered version - I can see it in my mind already!
gardengirl commented on 11/30/09
I can see your vision! How wonderful to sit in the shade and reach up to pick a grape! Your patio space (love photo #6) looks so cozy and inviting. Makes me want to grab a book and a glass of iced tea and head for that chair. Very creative use of that space! I'm the same way when it comes to my yard. Land area is at a premium, so no junk is allowed to be stored out there...only plants, garden decor, and furniture.
Daylilyjoy commented on 11/30/09