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Pressed Flower Suggestions continued...

by faerie garden

vine leaves cut while green compared to when they're changing colors






In my 1st post about pressing flowers, I mentioned that it was important to cut the flowers, herbs etc. while they're at their peak bloom and then press them immediately. I'm posting a picture that will show you the difference between cutting leaves while they're young and green or when they're starting to fade. 


To read about how to press flowers for art click here!


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So cool! I agree- very inspiring stuff. A little martha stewart we have here...?
Seedling commented on 04/13/10
Thx Seedling! No Martha Stuart!! I'm a "wabi sabi" designer! This style of design originated in Japan - in short, meaning: "the appreciation of the beauty of imperfection" - I read an article once about wabi sabi and it was, WOW! "does that mean there's a 'name' for my style of design! - could have fooled me!" I'll post the article in my gallery - I think that's how you do it? - that is, if I filed it where I was suppose to -it's v short! Thanks and chk it out if you want to! faerie garden
faerie garden replied: on 04/13/10
I love seeing the difference. I have never pressed any flowers or greens, but this is all very inspiring stuff! Thank you for keeping the uncreative types like me inspired!
earthworm commented on 04/13/10
Thanks Seedling! We're all creative (I believe anyhow)! It's fun to press a couple flowers and then wait to see how they turn out - esp. when hurrying to press a couple and then forget I did it & where I put it! Sometime later I open the book to get recipe or such and find the flower - it's like finding a cherished treasure! It's as much or more fun than finding a five dollar bill in last Winter's coat pocket!! LOL! I'm a quote collector! - hope you like this one - it inspires me: "If you hear a voice inside you telling you that you can't paint then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." Picasso Love It!
faerie garden replied: on 04/13/10
Whoops! I meant - Thanks Earthworm!
faerie garden replied: on 04/13/10