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Gardening for beginers | Groundcovers make it easy

by dig the dirt editor

Groundcovers are dependable plants that gardeners everywhere count on to blanket the soil with a fairly uniform canopy of dense foliage. Using groundcovers such as creeping sedum or creeping thyme can help control weeds, and offer new textures in your garden.

Groundcovers offer solutions to a number of landscaping dilemmas. Some groundcovers flourish in the shade cast by large trees, while others thrive on hot, steep banks.  They suppress most weed growth from below.  Most species are easier to maintain than lawns, and many are water-thrifty as well.






sedum, 'gold moss'



stonecrop, 'dragon's blood'


The plants are available in a variety of leaf shapes and textures, with some featuring flowers and even berries. Gardeners in cold-winter areas should plant in spring, so the groundcover has an entire season to get established. Those in areas with hot, dry summers and mild winters may want to wait for fall, when winter rains will help get the plants off to a strong start.



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groundcovers, sedum


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
this is great- I really do need this info as I have a hillside I just have no idea what to do with! Good info.
earthworm commented on 04/13/10