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by dig the dirt editor

A list of some of the many helpful articles for you to browse through on perennials. Enjoy!

Hedges_salvia_greggii_lipstick-1.medium.detailSalvia greggii 'Lipstick'


Click on any of the links below to see more on perennials!

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  • Color in the garden
  • Designing a perennial garden
  • Designing color spots
  • Perennial companions for roses
  • Morning glories and other climbers
  • Early spring perennials
  • Perennials for late summer color
  • The best of Bressingham
  • Blooms of Bressingham perennials
  • Easy-care daylilies
  • Variegated plants
  • Great gardens of the world: Kew Gardens
  • Great gardens of the world: Monet's garden at Giverny
  • Garden of the month: Waldon Garden
  • Garden of the month: City oasis


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