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What kind of camera do you use to photograph your plants and blooms?

by FigTree



I am not a photo snob or anything, just want to know the different kind of cameras and lenses everyone uses for their photographs.


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Lately, I have really switched to the iPhone camera... the quality is great for the web and sharing, I can easily post it to whatever online site or mobile service I want, and most importantly, I always have it in my pocket!
chief cultivator commented on 01/22/12
I use a Canon EOS 20D with a 18-55 mm. I also use a Canon PowerShot SD950 IS, but it tends toward noise so I usually use my 20D.
Lulu2U2 commented on 03/29/11
Canon Powershot SD600.. Love the picture quality. :)
SYDrews commented on 09/02/10
I use my gravity t cell phone.I can download my pics directly from my phone to my web site for quick references
beerman commented on 08/11/10
Nothing fancy here, just a Cannon Power Shot A2000 IS (image Stablizer). This camera has some bells and whistles that would proally help me to take more professional pictures - have not figured them out yet. Actually, I am afraid to mess it up and have not delved into the program features of the camera.
Ward House commented on 07/21/10
I'm using a Fuji Finepix S5000 with the stock lens and sometime the wide angle adapter. I had the get the ccd chip replaced recently but it was worth the hundred buck to keep what is the coolest little digital SLR type camera I've run into.
Palm Beach Bamboo commented on 06/17/10
I have an Olympus e-510 cameral and love it. I have three lenses for it, don't use the little one much. Like the 70-300mm lens a lot. It's easy to use.
gardengirl commented on 04/21/10
I actually have a Cannon Point and Shoot-- seems to be enough for me.
Seedling commented on 04/13/10
You really do not want to know. I am the worst photographer.
earthworm commented on 04/13/10
Some great answers from FB: <br/> <br/>-I use a Nikon D200, lens 18-200 mm. My husband uses my old Nikon point and shoot. Frequently, his shots are equal to or better than mine. <br/> <br/>-My Nikon. Love it! <br/> <br/>-HP PhotoSmart M415 <br/> <br/>-Nikon D5000 <br/> <br/>-It&#x27;s a Kodak Z1015 IS <br/> <br/>-a canon powershot with some fancy features; essentially, a point and shoot on steroids; but I long for a grown up camera... <br/> <br/>-Canon EOS Rebel, but I want a 60mm, 2.8 macro lens for closeups. Great camera but the photographer still needs some work.
dig the dirt editor commented on 04/07/10
I use a Canon 40D with different lens... lately the macro lens is my favorite now that we&#x27;re getting all these awesome blooms popping up everywhere! I also use my iPhone when I&#x27;m out and about, and the picture quality is surprisingly great...
chief cultivator commented on 04/07/10
I use a cannon 12D and I use a 50mm lens with it. It is a little old, but it works great. I still love film though... although it seems like it is going away very fast.
FigTree commented on 04/06/10