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Who needs a blog on Instagram

by jihns100


Who needs a blog on Instagram

Before considering the goals and possibilities, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the definition. A personal blog on instagram is a page on the social network that the owner uses to express his or her own thoughts, communicate with people with similar interests, sell any products or promote services.

Instagram was originally used exclusively for communication, exchange of photos and videos. Today the platform is considered as a good way to get additional or even basic earnings. Despite the high competition, with the right organization of activities, it is possible to achieve notable success. In general, you can sell any goods and services here. But it is possible to distinguish several categories of particularly popular offers:


  • Goods, the incentive for the purchase of which is their visual component. This may be clothing and footwear, cosmetics, decorative items, accessories or jewelry;
  • products that are purchased for emotional reasons, such as children's toys;
  • Handmade goods. This can also include decorative items, costume jewelry, natural soaps, gadget accessories, and so on;

services, the decision to order which can be made by pictures:

  • landscape design, creation of confectionery products, organization of tours, interior design, floristry, nail and eyelash extensions and so on;
  • Innovative and creative products. These are products that are still little known, but can cause a stir. For example, heated slippers, transformer furniture and so on.

Also a blog on Instagram will come in handy for those who have a local business. It can be a cafe, an entertainment center, a wedding salon, a hotel, and so on.

Even if you are not in business, but want to make money online, it is quite realistic to do so. We are talking about advertising. You lead your own blog on one of the relevant topics for the audience, while promoting some kind of products or services that may be of interest to your readers. From the advertiser receive payment for services rendered. Usually it is formed by a percentage of sales.

At this point we conclude: a blog in Instagram is necessary for everyone who wants to communicate more without commercial purposes or to make money on the Internet, promoting a certain category of goods and services. But in fact, one does not prevent the other. Also you can use spy on Instagram. You can realize all goals at once.


How to design an Instagram profile

The number of pages in the social network is increasing with great speed. And your main task is to make your blog interesting, recognizable and popular, make it stand out from competing profiles. This is very important because a person is mostly guided by the first impressions about the resource, deciding whether it is worth to stay here, whether or not to subscribe to the page, whether it makes sense to buy a product or order a service.



How to conduct a personal blog

So, you decided to start a blog in Instagram, where to start? With the design. This is the first thing a visitor sees on your page, so if you solve this problem correctly, you will increase the number of users who stay on it more than a few minutes, then make some action: subscribe, leave a comment, send a message to direct, buy a product or order a service.

You can edit an existing page or create a new one. Keep in mind a few important points when creating a new page.


Name: to make it interesting, recognizable and memorable, follow a number of recommendations:


  1. If it is more convenient to use Latin letters and numbers in the name, you can safely do it. Underscores and dots in the middle are also allowed;
  2. Do not use the words like and follow;
  3. use an abbreviated form of your name or its foreign variant;
  4. add a short English word;
  5. If it reads well, you can combine the beginning of the first and last names into one word;
  6. add your specialty to your name, such as cosmetologist;
  7. If you represent an organization, you can use its name or domain.


The next point: the photo.

Make sure that your avatar reflects the specialization of your profile, and that it corresponds to the field of activity or category of products you sell. Also, make sure that the picture was clear enough, because the way people are built, first of all, he draws attention to the image, and then read the text. So it is with the avatar, if you choose it correctly, it will be able to interest the user, the potential client. Of course, if you work with one brand or company, then the choice is obvious - the trademark, the logo.


Next - the description of the page. We're talking about a "header", where you have 150 characters to talk about yourself and interest the user who came to your blog. This is usually where you write:


  • The page owner's name or brand name;
  • an informative description of the profile;
  • the main characteristics of the product, service or company (eg, useful natural cosmetics);
  • contact information;
  • link to an additional resource;


Published photos strongly influence the impression that users have about your blog, the popularity of the promoted product. And here you should take into account the following general recommendations:


  • Place quality photos with clear images;
  • Combine the photos with some common element or color, so they look like a single composition;
  • place photos so that there is an alternation of contrasting shades;
  • use unusual angles to draw the audience's attention to the photos.