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4 Guidelines for Writing a Successful College Application Essay

by Elizabeth Caroll (elizabethcaroll)


Your only problem will be selecting which institution to attend if you follow these instructions.

1. Find out about the university.

If you're applying to the University of Chicago, for example, the first thing you should do is spend an hour or two researching the school's programs, instructors, reputation, campus, and application process. If you know any graduates or current students, you should contact them and ask for their opinions on the institution, especially if they have any useful information about the application process.

This will give you a better understanding of what it's like to be a member of the university community, and it will help you make a more informed choice about whether or not to apply.

2. Pick a topic that interests you.

You undoubtedly asked your parents or essay writers for assistance writing some of your essays in high school. When preparing a college application, though, you should make every effort to avoid them.

Make the subject your own by writing from the heart. The more your parents fiddle with your writing, the less real it will appear, and admissions officers will be able to detect a doctored essay quickly.

Instead, enlist your parents' assistance in reviewing your work and considering any of their theme suggestions, but make sure the piece's emotion originates from you.

3. Maintain a Consistent Tone and Tight Structure

It's critical to keep your essay structured, which means you should have an interesting introduction, at least three distinct body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes your ideas while also leaving the reader with a hook.

After you've double-checked your structure, put your essay through a grammatical check to eliminate any unneeded passive constructions.

4. Revise and fine-tune

This is critical because it will assist you in cropping out what you do not require. In fact, it's very probable that by the time you finish your first draft, you'll have gone over the word count and will need to cut some text simply to fulfill the essay's requirements. To do so, look over the essay and see if there are any repeated concepts, prepositional or unnecessary sentences, and eliminate everything that isn't necessary.

It is not a simple or fun process to eliminate words, but the goal is to make your essay as clean as possible. Reread your first phrase to determine whether it still holds your attention. Always conclude your article on a high note to make the reader think about the subject.

Remember to check your spelling and punctuation one more. The term "quality" should be used. However, you can read the article and turn to professional writers who will fix and coigate the essays.

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