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A No-Flower Bouquet

by chief cultivator

Next time you stroll out to the garden to gather a few fresh pickings for a bouquet, try a different approach.When you focus on foliage, the often-challenging task of arranging a bouquet becomes a simple but impressive feat.

Better yet, you start to see your garden in a new light. Look beyond blooms, and you’ll begin to appreciate the allure of leaves: distinctive shapes, beautiful textures, detailed patterns, and subtle colorations. Foliage offers a bonus, too: longevity in the garden as well as in the vase.


Time for project: 20 minutes

Materials list:
• flower snips or pruners
• Stachys byzantina (lamb’s ears)
• Helichrysum petiolare (licorice leaf)
• three 6-inch wide ribbed aluminum pots
• liner for each pot (see directions)

Kid-friendly: Yes! Part of the beauty of this project is that anyone can handle it.

Step one
Collect plant materials early in the morning or evening, for the most lasting bouquets. When you go out to the garden, take along a small bucket of water and a pair of sharp snips. Simply cut foliage and plunge the stems into the water to keep the greenery fresh until you arrange it. Just don’t cut more than one-third of the plant. Snipping leaves generally benefits plants — unless they are very immature and need more time to grow.

Step two
Cut enough foliage to fill the containers of your choice. Each of the 6-inch-wide pots shown require a small handful of lamb’s ears and several stems of licorice leaf. We combined gray and green varieties of foliage for an excellent effect. I chose the aluminum pots for their classic good looks that flatter the foliage combination.

Step three
Each pot has a drainage hole, so we arranged the foliage in recycled margarine tubs that make ideal, waterproof liners for the pots. Simply fill each plastic container with water before arranging foliage in it, and the set the liner inside the pot when you’ve completed the bouquet.

Step four
Check the water level in the containers every day and add water as needed. The bouquets will last at least a week.


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