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Poppies & posies

by dig the dirt editor

This is a floral force to be reckoned with! Juliet and Sierra of POPPIES & POSIES a boutique floral and event design firm in NYC, share with us their favorite tips and unique designs.



Say hello to one of our favorite floral designers Juliet and Sierra of POPPIES & POSIES.  Their creativity is uneaqualed, creating bouquets and original floral designs that keep events fresh and organic.  Experiencing one of their designs is like being enveloped with the charm of a country garden in the middle of the hustle and bustle of NYC!  See our Q & A with these floral magicians for your own fresh-from-the-garden inspiration.



a brilliant bouquet bursting with charm and color!


indoor pond that was built in a bare soho loft space

for stuart & welch's launch party last year



What was your inspiration in starting this company? 

When we first met in 2007, Juliet was working assisting in the product design department at Martha Stewart and I was working as an event coordinator for corporate events. We both wanted to start our own small businesses away from the corporate world and shared a passion for floral design. My mom is a small business owner and that really inspired me to become an entrepreneur.  Juliet's dad was an avid gardener and from a young age she was digging around in the dirt and learning about flowers. She's always wanted to have a floral design business and I wanted to be involved in a company that allowed me to use my creativity on a daily basis; so... poppies & posies was born.


sweet bouquet with flowers and berries

 What is your favorite combination of flowers for a wedding bouquet?  

This is a really hard question.  Every single time we do a new project we both agree it was our favorite. So, it's constantly changing!  I'd say the thing that is consistently present in our work is the incorporation of unexpected elements.  Adding something like berries or mushrooms or even a non-floral element such as an antique brooch or vintage container, keeps our designs fresh and exciting.   


rich colors paired with lucious texture

Do you have a garden of your own? 

I live in Brooklyn and Juliet lives on the Upper West Side in New York City, so gardens are not that common here. Juliet has a great windowsill garden that includes a small orange tree, lavender,  rosemary and some ferns and mosses.  She's also about to endeavor in tomatoes and strawberries cultivation for the summer. My boyfriend recently moved into a place in Brooklyn with a great backyard so I'm helping him with that. We're in the process of learning the ins and outs of composting... very exciting! 

What is the one tip you would give someone doing their own arrangement? 

If you're doing your own arrangement we'd suggest choosing one impact flower (peonies, dahlias, or something else that is lush and full) and pairing that with a more delicate flower. When designing in water it can be helpful to build the bouquet in your hand and then place it in a vase.  It will shift a bit but the foundation will be there.  Try finishing it with some vines, berries, and foliage and voila! 


the designers sierra and juliet

To see more of their work go to and to visit their blog go to or to be totally old school you can call them at 646.386.7247.


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Yeah Brooklyn! Your floral combinations are astoundingly gorgeous. I just crammed 60 poppies into a Manhattan terrace garden last spring, and I really hope my client has me over this year to see it all in full bloom. Excellent company name!
pbcouchman commented on 04/02/10
I love the tip about making the bouquet in your hand before putting it into a vase. I am going to try that next time! Your arrangements are beautiful!
gardengirl commented on 04/02/10
Combining edible elements with these bouquets is such a great idea... Thanks for sharing, and please post more of your creations on the site! Fresh grown garden flowers are perfect for these types of fanciful arrangements!
chief cultivator commented on 04/01/10
Hand tied bouquets are the most fabulous way of walking through your garden and creating a design. This style makes a great hostess gift. When presented it is all arranged and don't need alot of fuss on arrival at the party. Just drop into a glass of water. I have done miniature ones for gift wrapping. I love the creative elements used in sierra and juliet arrangements.
teetee the gardner commented on 04/01/10
Wish you were in Los Angeles. These designs are so simple and pretty.
butterfly commented on 03/31/10
Oh My GOSH! I love these designs- they are so beautiful. That fist picture is just the happiest bouquet!!!
Seedling commented on 03/31/10
Normally I am ALL about roses, but these arrangements are just beautiful! Anyone who gets to carry something like these bouquets down the aisle are lucky brides! <br/> <br/>Also love that pond-- so different and interesting.
earthworm commented on 03/31/10
Those bouquets are beautiful!
SeattleAlex commented on 03/31/10