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Boston Flower and Garden Show

by teetee the gardner

Earthworks GArden
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The Boston Garden and Flower Show has just closed and I wanted to share some of the professional gardens that I enjoyed there.  It seemed as though all the garden had wonderful stone sculpture and water elements.

Earthworks located in Leverett, Massachusetts created the garden that started off the adventure.Boston_flower_show_045.detail

As I wandered along, a wonderfully serene garden created by New England Land Artisan from Stratham NH and Katura Gardens from Plymouth MA drew me into its design.Boston_flower_show_049.detail

A new idea I had never seen before came in the shape of a beautiful small home garden created by Hope In Bloom Ind from Dedham MA. This organization creates and maintains gardens for peple who are not able to do this for themselves.Boston_flower_show_052.detail

Next was a secluded patio surrounded by a wall of stone pillars and wood. It was one of the most attractive privacy walls that I have seen recently. This was designed by Howard Garden Designs from Newton MA.Boston_flower_show_055.detail

One of my favorite gardens was done by Michael C. Jardin Fine Gardens from Lakeville MA. He installed a stone lily pad that appeared to be floating in the middle of a pond. I could just imagine turtles lounging on it in the sun.Boston_flower_show_083.detail

Finally, I wanted to share a delightful garden designed for children. It was created to advertize the Newport RI Flower Show.Boston_flower_show_071.detailBoston_flower_show_073.detailBoston_flower_show_081.detail



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this is so cool- sorry t say I couldn't make it to the show, but it looks like there was some truly creative stuff going on there!
FigTree commented on 03/29/10