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Recommendations for ground cover on a hill?

by allthumbs,oneofwhichisgreen

We have a large front hill that belongs on "landscaper's challenge", and it's hard to weed it, or do any work on it for that matter. Does anyone have any recommendations for good ground cover, which might keep the weeds down also? I live in Newton, MA. Thanks!


hill, Ground Cover, weeds


I live in Wellesly and also had to deal with a large hill in front of our house as did our neighbor. We both decided that grass was the easiest solution. Ours was very sunny so many of the ground covers would not work.
teetee the gardner commented on 03/29/10
* Mondo Grass <br/>* Sweet Woodruff <br/>* creeping rosemary <br/>* thyme <br/>* purple verbena <br/> <br/>all good ground covers, but be careful as they can be invasive as well... we used nasturtiums in california for our hillside and it was AWESOME, but don&#x27;t knoe if that would work in new england.
FigTree commented on 03/28/10