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What are good companions for tomatoes?

by FigTree



Planting tomatoes this year, what is a good companion for them?


Tomatoes, companion planting, vegetable gardening


Just started reading carrots love tomatoes! It is so very helpful with this companion planting.
earthworm commented on 04/13/10
I have heard about that book- it sounds really interesting.
Seedling replied: on 04/13/10
I have noticed that when you look in all of the books that if they taste good together they plant well together-- I think that is good common sense :)
FigTree commented on 04/12/10
Basil! You know, generally things that taste good together, grow well together! They enhance each others flavors. <br/> <br/>Additionally, calendula officinalis (pot marigold) will help keep the aphids off of your tomato&#x27;s!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 04/11/10
Oh yeah! tasting good and growing good together- so true. Is that why you can put a lot of herbs into one pot? I wonder...
Seedling replied: on 04/13/10
Good Companion for tomatoes: Carrots, lettuce, nasturtiums, onion family, chives, marigolds, and parsley <br/> <br/>Bad companion for tomatoes: potato, cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi
dig the dirt editor commented on 03/24/10