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Anyone know how to plant asparagus?

by FigTree

I got this at the edible plant sale and have no idea how to plant it.




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Asparagus, vegetables, edible plants


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
From facebook: <br/> <br/>&quot;Takes lots of manure and good soil in a trench about a foot deep, put the crowns far enough apart so their roots won&#x27;t touch each other. I alway add some lime to bring the PH of the manure up a bit (do it every year). Try to use 2 year old plants if you can that way you should be able to pick the next year. You can naturally keep weeds out if ... See Moreyou put a little salt on the beds during the spring. Asparagus will tolerate salt weeds won&#x27;t. I had a bed that lasted 15 years before I finally had to replant it. Enjoy and expect that the birds will spread it everywhere which is a good thing!&quot;
FigTree commented on 03/28/10
Oh, that sounds so good!! Might need to prepare a place for some in my garden. Can&#x27;t wait to hear how it goes.
gardengirl commented on 03/23/10
Dig a trench, 18&quot; deep, in a bed enriched with composted manure and a pH of about 6 (sweeten soil with dolomite lime if necessary). Loosen the soil inside the trench and make 6&quot; mounds every 2 feet. Lay one crown on top of each mound, spreading the roots over the mound. Fill the trench part way, enough to cover the crowns by 2-3&quot;. Water well. ... See MoreContinue filling in trench as the asparagus grows. Cover with 2&quot; of compost (or rabbit poo, as we do) every year in late winter. Don&#x27;t harvest for a couple years. I planted our bed of asparagus in 2002 and we now get two solid months of all the asparagus we can stand--just had some for the first time this year on Sunday.
Lost Arts Kitchen commented on 03/22/10
THANK YOU!! This is really good info and boy do I need it as I just bought a whole bunch and have no idea how to do it.
FigTree replied: on 03/22/10