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Organic Compost - Nutrition for the Garden

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

organic compost

Here we go compost, here we go! Rah, Rah!

No gardener could ask for better teamwork than compost, soil, and plants of all kinds. A great all around player, compost takes the old, dead, and unwanted and renews. Compost is typically a biologically active addative that builds healthy soil and healthy plants.

Extra benefits of compost include an increase in water-holding capacity and soil that is easier to dig.

Ideal for any garden, lawn, or flower bed. Different companies use different compost ingredients, but many typically use a blend of stable bedding, fruit and vegetable residues, wood shavings, poultry litter, yard trimmings, and other organic ingredients. These materials are thoroughly mixed and formed into huge, moist piles. These are turned to promote aerobic composting and heat build up that destroys killing weed seeds, nematodes, and other pathogenic organisms.

Where to Buy

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I love compost! We have a bin but aren&#x27;t the best a turning it. However, I did dig some out from the bottom to plant on my potatoes. They are peeking through the soil now! Compost tea is great for the garden (thought I should clarify that!) as well. <br/>
gardengirl commented on 03/23/10