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q & a with spirit horse spirit horse herbals

by dig the dirt editor

Ever wonder what to do with those herbs once you have them grown and dried? Well Kristie from Spirit Horse Herbals does!





Please welcome Kristie Nackord of SPIRIT HORSE HERBALS one of our talented Dig The Dirt contributors!!!  Spirit Horse Herbals is an online herbal company offering you plant based medicinal products from plants grown by Kristie herself, as well as other independent organic growers with only the highest quality ingredients used.  This is an independently run business and Kristie is always willing to answer questions and share information about her favorite subject- HERBS!!  Go to her ETSY store to see herbal teas and body products such as these:



Morning Boost Herbal Tea (non-caffeinated and mineral and CALCIUM rich)



Calendula Body and Facial Medicinal Herbal Oil


Q & A:

Where are you located?

I live at 8300 feet in Westcliffe Colorado at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

What is the most challenging thing about gardening in your area?

We are zone 4 and have a short growing season (90 days at best!) which includes mid-summer hail storms and tornado like wind! I call it Extreme Gardening!

Why are herbs so important for our health?

Herbs have been a source of food and medicine for humans and animals since the beginning of time. Herbs are a wholesome and affordable healthcare option for individuals and families. Nowadays when health insurance is beyond the reach for so many, it is important for people to know of the healing qualities herbs offer. While not all herbs are safe for each person, there are many wonderful, gentle allies that offer incredible nutritional benefits such as minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Herbs can help heal cuts, mend broken bones, stop bleeding, support menopause, stop or relieve pain, help build the immune system, and so much more! The best part is that many herbs can be found in your own backyard for FREE!

What is your favorite plant?

Calendula officinalis. This vibrant and strong plant offers so many wonderful healing qualities and provides a bright and cheery presence for any garden. How could I not love her?!

Thanks Kristie!!!


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I love calendula - I haven't planted it but I see it around town. I love the notion of extreme gardening. I feel a bit that way here in Central Texas, though sometimes in the 100 plus days of summer, I really think it's absurd gardening and we must all be insane to continue to do it! Every year, the mild autumns and winters draw me back into planting. Glad you are here digging the dirt with us, I look forward to learning more about herbs from you! My favorite is lemon verbena. Do you have any advice for growing it successfully? Mine grows, but never really thrives - it's always a bit spindly.
gardengirl commented on 03/19/10
Extreme Gardening sounds like a possible reality show.
nematode commented on 03/19/10
Definitely want to try calendula....
earthworm commented on 03/19/10
Thanks Kristie-- I am so pumped to try the calendula oil! Hopefully I will look 25 again :)
FigTree commented on 03/19/10
hahah! Well, I don't know first hand about Calendula's age-reversing qualities, but this plant certainly helps soothe and heal the skin. She is really to grow as well so I hope folks will consider starting some in their own gardens!
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 03/19/10