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Day 17 to 23 Hydroponic tulips

by TulipMan

organic bulbs hydroponic
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Some how I forgot a couple days to take a picture....

The tulips have been thinking 13 days that is it spring and they already start to bloom! Indoor gardening is so exciting, it is amazing to see that they grow almost an inch per day!


day 17 Day_17.detail

Day 18 Day_18.detail 

Day 19 Day_19.detail

Day 20 Day_20.detail

Day 21 Day_21.detail

Day 21 Close up Day_21.1.detail

Day 22 Day_22.detail


Day 22 close up Day_22.1.detail

Day 23Day_23.detail


Tulips, cut-flower


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
This reminds me of my bean growing project when I was in elemantary school. You could watch them grow! I love it that you have done this with tulips.
teetee the gardner commented on 03/17/10
How can you resist taking photos? I remember my Dad loving to see an amaryllis shoot up in what seemed a few days.
sam spade commented on 03/16/10
When tulips hit warm weather (i.e. indoors), they really shoot up! This time lapse progression really puts that in perspective. What&#x27;s the cultivar?
pbcouchman commented on 03/16/10
I love time-lapse articles like this. Keep up the good work!
SeattleAlex commented on 03/16/10
Can&#x27;t believe they grow this fast. I thought it would take a lot longer...
nematode commented on 03/16/10
Looks super cool. I want to do it!
Shauna Tocchet commented on 03/16/10
This kit sounds like a good idea! When can I get one??
butterfly commented on 03/16/10
I definitely want to do this! Looks so cool, but how much light do you need for them to grow??
earthworm commented on 03/16/10
that one tulips on the left looks like it is trying to escape! so cool- can&#x27;t wait for the kit too! seems like a very easy way for the average person to do this!
FigTree commented on 03/16/10
Can&#x27;t wait til you sell this kit! How cool is that... we have some tulips outside up here in the Pacific NW that are a week away from blooming; Spring is definitely here. <br/>Thanks for sharing your pics!
chief cultivator commented on 03/15/10