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Double Poppies from Annie's Annuals

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Pink Heirloom Poppy
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A DigtheDirt member, flush puppy, just posted a picture of a double poppy that looked like a peony... And now, because of the Internet, 10 minutes later I have my own shipment headed this way!

Can't grow a Peony? Try a Poppy!

I used to live in Austin, Texas, and there was one plant that I really wanted to grow in my garden - peonies. Growing up in Maine and Massachusetts, I got used to this late Spring favorite that signaled summer days were here at last.

Well, check out these poppies if you live somewhere that peonies might not grow... I live in the Pacific Northwest now, so my colleciton of peony varities stands at about 12 I think; but I also love poppies. Here's what's headed to my house next week (thanks Flush Puppy!!):


Papaver 'Pink Heirloom' Poppy




Papaver 'Black Peony' Poppy




Click here to see more at Annie's Web site!


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
love it...will get some this season to try
longview commented on 03/31/12
Mine are coming the last week of March!
flush puppy commented on 03/16/10
these are absolutely amazing and I want them all. that&#x27;s all I have to say.
FigTree commented on 03/16/10
These are gorgeous, and I never knew that they existed before reading this contribution. After spreading four pounds of seeds in two varieties of poppies (California &amp; Flanders), I thought I was done with poppies for this year; but, now I&#x27;m thinking that I&#x27;ve got to have the beautiful Papaver &#x27;Black Peony&#x27; Poppy for my black/burgundy garden...this cultivar is sure to be a captivating addition to the garden.
LilyLover commented on 03/13/10
I know! I definitely don't need more poppies either, but how can you resist? I love mail order gardening :-)
chief cultivator replied: on 03/13/10