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q & a with paula- official contributor

by FigTree

Here is a great Q & A with our newest guest contributor!!!

Read Paula's post Water Gardening!!


What area are you from? 

I'm from the South East of England, U.K.  

What is the name of your blog and what is it about?

My blog is called 'My Beautiful Blog', and is about all the things I like to do in my day to day life.  Gardening, of course, but also cooking and scrapbooking.  

Your photographs are beautiful, where did you learn about photography? 

Thank you! Photography is one of my passions, and I especially enjoy taking photos of nature, wildlife and plants.  I am self taught, but think having a really good camera and lens (Nikon D40) is a great advantage.   

What is your favourite thing about gardening? 

Now that's a loaded question!  I just love everything about it!  From starting a plant from seed and watching it grow into a fully fledged plant, to getting my hands really dirty digging in the garden.  I don't even mind a spot of weeding now and then:)  

If you could grow one thing all year long, what would it be?

Well now, that's another loaded question! I can only choose one?!  Well, then I guess it would have to be aquilegias.  I love their delicate nodding flowerheads and have several varieties in my garden.  It always makes me happy to see them appear! 

Thank you Paula for your wonderful post on water gardens!!


water gardening, gardening with natures, frogs, ponds


Your photos are beautiful!!! As is your blog!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 04/12/10
Hi Paula!! Good to know what kind of camera you use- it really does make a huge difference in photos- I have a Cannon and it is great, but the lenses could use a serious upgrade- sometimes I think photography is all about the lens...
FigTree commented on 03/10/10
Hi Paula- <br/> <br/>I have to check out your favorite flower! Sounds interesting.
Seedling commented on 03/10/10
Welcome Paula- so glad to hear all about your gardening!
earthworm commented on 03/10/10